Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Should Be Spring

I should be walking through green grass just starting to grow,
I should be hearing birds sing old songs that they know,
I shouldn't be trudging through melting snow,
I shouldn't be slipping on ice and... just, NO.

This should be spring.
How disappointing.

I took these pictures almost exactly one year ago:
Ah, how I miss the sweet air of spring. But alas and alack, spring has not sprung where I am from.

:P I'm not discontent, I'm just yearning for the lovely change of seasons that is supposed to happen about now. 
See ya soon raccoon:)


PS: As I am writing this, it has started to lightly snow.

Seriously? It is already lightly covering the porch. It is lightly pretty, but I would rather the light sun, lightly lighting the grass. That's a little light humor for ya;)


Anonymous said...

You have no idea how madly jealous I am of you. I'd trade FL's summer sun for a day of snow in a heartbeat!!

lo said...

wow thats crazy! im with ya on this one. totally ready for spring.

Olivia J. Photography said...

LOL I like the fluffy kitty... looks like he's not so happy about the snow. ;D

Tangerine-Tane said...

Oh, those pictures are so pretty! Love the one with the deer. :) Right now, in South Africa, it is autumn and beginning to get chilly. It's okay after the boiling summer heat!
Tane ♥

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Aww, your cat is so adorably fluffy!
The snow in that first picture reminds me of waves, it's neat how snow melts in different shapes...
I like your poem..."But alas and alack, spring has not sprung where I am from." <--- that's probably my favorite line, I likes your choice of words. ;)
And, even though we don't have snow on the ground, I do have pictures from exactly a year ago and all the trees already had leaves, it was in the upper 60's and 70's...*sigh*
Oh! Yes, those pictures were recently taken, in New Mexico, recently meaning - a month ago. =D
I'm about to post some pictures of Kansas's spring soon though!

see ya!

xx ~Jenny

Leah K. Oxendine said...

Can I just say that I LOVE your blog theme and header?? Seriously I do. I just came across your blog and I think it is terrific!
How did you get the little arrow on the left sidebar? (epic!)

I followed, and look forward to reading more!

Leah Kathryn