Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Mini-Look at Aperture

Dia duit (hello from the Gaelic Irish) friends, fellows, followers, family, and foreigners.
Here is a lovely orange:

The orange has nothing to do with today's topic :P 
I am here to show you the effects of aperture (app-er-cher) on photos. 

Low aperture (f/3.8)
High aperture (f/16)
You should take note that the higher the aperture number, the smaller the shutter opening becomes:
That's the only confusing part: remembering that small fact:)

All right! Any questions, comments, or concerns will be dealt with kindly addressed below. 



Montanagirl said...

Interesting! I have an f/2.8 lens. Very fast.

Nivikka said...

Like your blog :) I find it very inspiring..

Anonymous said...

That's cool!! :) I've never messed with the aperture of my camera before because I never knew what it did. Thanks to you, I will definitely try now! Awesome! :)

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Here I was, getting all excited when I saw that orange 'cause orange is my other favorite color...and find it has nothing to do with the post!! =O
Dia Druit eh? That's pretty cool, Irish would be neat to learn.
Yes, the one and only confusing part!
My camera has 2.8 - 8.0, does yours have all of them? (I imagine it does...)

xx ~Jenny

Jennifer Dougan said...


I so enjoyed meeting you and your mom this last weekend at the women's retreat. Thanks for finding me online so quickly. This post here with the aperture settings and numbers was very interesting and informative. As was seeing both photos for comparison. Keep teaching! I'll be back.

Greet your mom for me,
Jennifer Dougan

Eli OKeefe said...

To Jenny: Actually my current lens (Nikon 18-55mm VR) only goes from 3.5 to 5.6, I'm saving up for a better lens:P This one does all I need it to (for now) and I'm VERY happy with it:)

Eli OKeefe said...

P.S. I read the data wrong on my camera, I took the second aperture photo at 3.8 instead of 2.8! Ugghh:P

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Huh, never would'a guessed! Thanks Eli!

xx ~Jenny