Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's All The Excitement About?

     K, so. I'm not being super consistent here, but I think by now you have learned to expect that from me:) 
My life lately has been anticipation and a giant build-up. Oh ho, so you ask what this anticipation is for? 
Dun, dun, DUN!
 So yeah. I've been organizing and packing and contacting people about job possibilities and getting excited watching videos from last year of the college...
 Also, quite a bit of praying and trusting God has been going on for me:)
 Which is fantastic, because I feel closer to Him than ever before! It's such a wonderful feeling; knowing that HE has everything worked out and planned for me.
It's super far away, can you guess where? 
Yeah, that's what I thought too: Holy guacamole! That's so far away! 
But truly, I believe this is what will be best for me. I won't have to borrow any money this year! Which is a HUGE praise! :D And I'm flying out there in a little more than a week with my parents. 
 Wow. Just to think, last year I was all excited that I got to visit, and now I'm almost there to stay!
(These photos are from when we flew out there last year to visit. There was so much to shoot! At the college I was so impressed by just... Everything! I can hardly wait!)
Happy Tuesday!