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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Should Be Spring

I should be walking through green grass just starting to grow,
I should be hearing birds sing old songs that they know,
I shouldn't be trudging through melting snow,
I shouldn't be slipping on ice and... just, NO.

This should be spring.
How disappointing.

I took these pictures almost exactly one year ago:
Ah, how I miss the sweet air of spring. But alas and alack, spring has not sprung where I am from.

:P I'm not discontent, I'm just yearning for the lovely change of seasons that is supposed to happen about now. 
See ya soon raccoon:)


PS: As I am writing this, it has started to lightly snow.

Seriously? It is already lightly covering the porch. It is lightly pretty, but I would rather the light sun, lightly lighting the grass. That's a little light humor for ya;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Highest Mountain In Otter Tail County!

Minnesota is fairly flat but there are some hills. These pics were taken on top of the highest one in Otter Tail County: Inspiration Peak. It is four hundred feet up and you can literally see for miles around it. I found, once again:), that my camera can't NEARLY capture the grandness of God's beauty.
Inspiration Peak -  e Flashed  [dr eli] Picture
Inspiration Peak, MN

Little brother running the last few feet to the top:)   It was a cloudy day; started to shower a wee bit on our way back down. I think it adds more "mood" to the pics.
That all for now folks!