Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Arose!

Sparkles of a brand new snow, they remind me of the brand new beginning when Jesus Christ defeated death. His followers were without hope and just plain scared; when Jesus returned, He gave them hope and strength:)

Remember that guys, He arose.


Anonymous said...

Really like the new look of the blog and those pictures are great! Hope you are doing well!

Nette Requena

Montanagirl said...

Nice work on the photos!

Brooke said...

<3 Wonderful photos!

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Oh, WOW!!
Those first two pictures are STUNNING! Stunningly beautiful, just like our Savior. =)
Boy, oh boy, you captured the light very well on this, girl. =D

It's funny, when you think about it, how Christ defeated death BY death; death is what most people fear, it's the "end" and uncertain, but He took it and rose again! It's pretty amazing. 0.o

About those boxwoods you asked about,(heh heh) we don't have a whole lot around town, and those particular bushes are actually from our front yard. We just planted them last spring. =D
I also loved your last comment, about how God made sooo much in this world to love, 'cause it expresses the same conclusion I come to, to a T! =D

xx ~Jenny

P.s. I like your comment message; I like looking into other's thoughts that way too! Your's appears well ordered and bright to me. ;)

Layla and Josiah said...

Very good pictures!!!!! It would be a dream come true to have snow like that:) Oh yeah, when I was reading your "the photographer" page I felt like I was reading a biography about myself except for with six siblings and that I Was saving up for a nikon d5100 but them my mom (who is the BEST. MOM. EVER.) gave me hers.
And then I had a bunch of money that is now being put towards a falcon:)

Anyways, great photos!


Hannah Mary said...

These photos are so lovely! Wow, they make me miss the snow.

And thank you for the comment on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

That snow is amazing. The closest thing I have to it is the frothy ocean. :) I love how you combined a post about Easter with awesome photos :D

Morgan said...

beautiful post Eli...I love it

Olivia J. Photography said...

ohh I like the second one, good job!

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Oh Eli, thanks so much for your comments! They never fail to bring a smile to my face! =D

Just'a sayin'.

xx ~Jenny

P.s. I'll pray that you have safe travel. <3

bandofbrothers said...

magical snow pics!