Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Favorite Irish Holiday

     (First of all, how awesome is this new design? Storyteller was great through all my indecisiveness and silly requests and such:) Shout-out to Storyteller for overcoming my fear of blog change!)

     So anyway, Happy Saint PATRICK'S Day! 
(Just got a new graphics editor and I love it! BTW, this is a rare moment, but I did not take this photo:( It is a super detailed HDR of the Chicago River dyed green for S.P. Day!)
     Yesterday I went around taking photos of anything green and then I used color selection to only include green. :P Here's the pictures:

Unfortunately, although I have seen their work everywhere (all my left socks are missing, as well as three of my pots of gold)  I was unable to catch a leprechaun with my camera. :( 

Ah Ireland, I would love to travel there, being part Irish:) I never have been to the Emerald Isle, so obviously I didn't take this either...  Someday I will!



Montanagirl said...

Awesome photos and great work on isolating the green color!!

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Oh, this is amazing Eli!!!
A post deditcated to green...why didn't I think of that?
The monopoly picture is especially cool, I wish my camera had color isolaton...!
(curiously enough, we have those SAME counting bears!! 0.o)
You know, I rather like how you change fonts and colors, no one else does that.
That last picture is so colorful! I'm glad you included it. =D

xx ~Jenny

P.s. I'm glad you included your blog designer..'cuase I was sure to ask if you hadn't. ;)

Leaf Dance Photography said...

P.s. how do you know it's your LEFT socks that are missing? What if they just disguised them as right socks?? =P

Eli said...

Haha Jenny, I'll have you know I am very observant and paranoid when it comes to my socks. I have them coated with invisible ink so I can tell who took them by shining a darklight at their hands. My socks and I, well, we're very VERY close.

:P ;)

Morgan said...

I love the design and so glad that you're back again! I enjoyed looking at these pictures too!
have a great day!

Anonymous said...

The Monopoly shot is my favorite. That's a really great angle and a really great shot!

Layla and Josiah said...

Those are some great pictures!!!! What I love about your posts is that I can laugh and enjoy the beauty if your photography.
P.S. our blog disappeared for a while but it's back:)

Agnes Rogowska said...

I love this idea with green colour! These photos are really great, my favourite is the one with Monopoly game:)

Monica Renee' Sheely said...

Wow such a cool idea! :D Love all the green and black/white photos! :D there amazing!! :D