Monday, December 10, 2012

In Other News: "I'm Back!" (And Christmas!!)

Hey y'all! 
       My lack of posts is glaring me in the face, but be assured this is not for lack of suitable pictures! The only logical solution for this photographer to pursue would be to post more photographs!
       Yep, I was just doing my English homework... Anyways, I think the problem has been that I have too many photos; they have been sitting in folders on my pc for a month (and I keep taking more!) so I will have several "Themed" posts coming up... 
This should be interesting! Today's post is: C H R I S T M A S !

We just put up our tree and I LOVE it! It's real so it has that beautiful pine-y, woods-y, snowy smell; and it looks gorgeous! Don't believe me? Here's the photos!

Decorating the tree! With the colored lights blurring and the interesting shadows (I accidentally set the aperture at like f/5 so this is a lot darker than I would have liked) this pic does look neat. 
This looks blurry for some reason, even though its not *shrug* It is very noisy, I know!

As everyone must have seen somewhere before: Christmas lights pictures!
I really like the bokeh on this one; it's the Christmas tree lights! These two are my favorites of the post! The colors are Christmas-y and bright, without being obnoxious-ly neon and blinding:)
I know, I'm using a lot a dashes today... 

When we lived in Tennessee, we got some "Tennessee Volunteers"
Christmas  ornaments. 

Almost done...

I'll leave you with this lovely bokeh. And that, my dear followers, is the end of this post.

Wooo! Can't wait till Christmas!


Montanagirl said...

Love your Christmasy photos! That last one is very cool.

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Nahh, it doesn't look blurry to me, and it is really neat how you put the lights on in stripes! =D As for being noisy, well, when I took my christmas light pictures, I cranked my ISO up to 800, but since the lights are rainbow, it kinda blends in. =)
The 4th picture came out really crisp and clear! (compared to mine anyway...=P)
The jingle bell/bokeh pictures are really cool! A favorite of mine too! =D
Oh, and don't worry about using to many smileys, I'm very generous with them myself! =D <--- point in case. ;)
Lookin' forward to the "themed" posts!


Rita Palma said...

love your photos. Mery Christmas


Sympa ton blog, plein de couleurs, de moments de joie, de jeunesse et d'enthousiasme. Nous en avons tous besoin.J'aime. Joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année.


Alexandra Marie said...

Yea! Bokeh! (I'm sort of obsessed ;-)

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Oh dear, I meant to just write "Eli"! Thanks for telling me, I corrected it for furture views. =)



nice blog :)