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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Portraits and A Door

 Told you I'd post soon:) These are from the good ol' days of 2012! Fall is the best time for portraits isn't it? The photos below are some of my favorites!

Little brother and sister were kind enough to let my order them around for a while. Ha, who am I kidding, I tell them what to do anyways:) No seriously, they were excellent posers for me!

The colors complement each other and add a lot to the composition, I had to use a fast shutter speed 'cause she was swinging pretty fast:)

This is at Itasca State Park. There are beautiful spots for pictures everywhere! J has his favorite Webkinz: Bucky:)

"Study Buddies"

I tried to line the trees up so it would go together seamlessly and look poetic:)
("Poetic" looks like "pathetic" out of the corner of my eye, haha)

I really like this last one, which I have done something rare to: I named it!
Wait! This post is named "Portraits and A Door." So, where's the door, huh? This is for FMTSO! Yay! Oh right, here it is!
             I really like this door, saw it while Geo-Caching with my grandparents last summer. It is old and cool and dilapidated (whoo I spelled it right!) and mossy!                  
That be - ith all for now ye kindred spirits!  
PS: I updated this and added a few more photos I forgot.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lake Itasca Beauty

        We went to Itasca State Park and I didn't get as many "interesting" pictures as I had hoped to, but I managed to snap a few;)

                  Here is Itasca lake, the headwaters of the Mississippi river!

As the sun went down I tried to get a picture with depth and color. Even with the best camera on earth, nothing can capture the feeling of standing by the lake watching the sun disappear under the water in furious red and yellow... Something like my next pictures:

The lily pads on Lake Itasca. My little brother said: "Are those what the frogs jump on?" :) 


 So long for now, Eli ;)