Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Week Of Growth

So much happened this past week; it was lovely.

The theme at Camp JIM was "Extreme Renovation" and boy did God renovate ME! I kinda didn't expect that. I was all like, "Yay, I'll work at camp for the first time and help kids!" Ha, I was the one who was helped too:)
I met so many wonderful people, reunited with others, and grew in my faith so much! It was an amazing summer; it seemed to go by in a whirlwind of excitement, hard times to work through, and fantastic Christian fellowship and so many new friendships:) 
I got home and was just tired. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically! But I had FUN. Even through the problems and troubling things, the other counselors and staff were so encouraging:) God taught me SO much and I hope I was able to help others as well!
I'm thanking God for all the people working at camp and praying for them all! 

Allison had tons of fun with my camera and took this picture as well as quite a few other ones that I love;)

I am praying that I'll be able to work next year, too! :D
Later y'all, I'm going to sleep!


Leaf Dance Photography said...

Yay! I really glad that happened Eli! =D =D =D 'cause I was prayin' for you. =) [colosians 1:9-14]

You're so fortunate to get to go to camp; I really like pic. 4-6, and 8; looks like some fond memories captured in those! ;D

Missed your bloggin', see ya!

xx ~Jenny

Rachel said...

Love these pic's! I miss camp and it's fun to get a little peek back! =) You're a talented photographer!

Amelia said...

It's SO CRAZY to look at your blog and see pictures of Allison, who is one of my best friends at college!! God is so awesome! I'm glad you had a blast! :)

Eli OKeefe said...

Amelia: Allison is so awesome:) It was so neat when she asked me one day if I had a blog and if I knew you:) God IS amazing!
Rachel: Girl, I just loved getting to know you and I'm praying that I can go back next year!
Jenny: thank you SO much for your prayers; I need them so much and God used camp to teach me so much and renew my relationship with Him:)