Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bloglovin' [About, Etc.]

     Whelp, it looks like this is actually happening. Google Friend Connect (aka "Followers") is shutting down soon  and this is a recommendation and/or  reminder for y'all! If you want to keep following my blog then you can use Bloglovin' :)
   (Edit: The widget is still here and technically you can still "follow", however you will not receive any feed updates due to the fact that google reader has officially shut down. So in a way it is sort of like a dead link.)
That's right, new horizons. Change is inevitable, but sometimes for the better:)
     I have been using it for the last month or so, and I really like it. I love to read blogs and all, but sometimes it's overwhelming for me to try to keep up with all the posts and remember which ones I read, etc. 
     Bloglovin' is helpful and useful and really quite simple to use. If you want a full tutorial and explanation about this, then here is an excellent link to see:  http://nutritionella.com/2012/12/my-new-favorite-reader-a-bloglovin-tutorial/

Keep looking up! (And look me up on bloglovin! Here ya go: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/5621471/f-a-picture-bg )

And a very good evening to you, ladies and gentlemen!


Leaf Dance Photography said...

Bummer . . . but hey, I noticed you added a nifty little button for bloglovin' but when I looked through the add-ons I couldn't find one? Did you get it from bloglovin? Should I just go there instead of asking you questions about it? =P

The current set up on blogger IS a little overwhelming, so I shall go check this out. =)

See ya!

xx `Jenny

p.s. did you take that 'horizion' picture just for this post...or just had it? =D It's a very good visual aid! ;)

Eli OKeefe said...

Yes, I did get the button from bloglovin' :) You should definitely check bloglovin' out, it is beyond practical :D
And, no, I didn't take the horizon picture specifically for this post, but I did take it earlier this week.
I have an awesomely huge backyard!

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Eli,

Are you guys going to family camp this summer? We are.

I haven't heard of bloglovin'. I'll have to look at that.

Have a great week,
Jennifer Dougan

Montanagirl said...

The blue sky, the clouds, the trees - they all make this photo just pop!!

Sophie said...

I would love to check that out...but I think I shall wait till I have the adequate time to look into it. However, thanks for sharing a bit about it. Also, I looooove your last photo! It's flawless and perfect and beautiful

Leaf Dance Photography said...

That's ALL yours?! Wowsers! 0.o
The grass is such a lovely shade of green . . . all glowy. Love it like that! <3

Oi, and yes, I did check out bloglovin'; it IS beyond practical, so nice! I'm glad you posted about it. =)

xx ~Jenny

Alexandra Marie said...

Haha, so funny- I was just coming over here to remind you to follow me through Bloglovin'! lol
Going to follow you right now:-)

Here's mine if you feel so inclined: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/4239571/into-the-woods

Eli OKeefe said...

Jennifer: Unfortunately we aren't going to go to family camp this summer:( But I'm a Jr. Staff for most of the weeks and I'm going to attend the senior high camp with my brother next week! so excited:)
Sophie: Thanks so much, I really had fun getting that second photo:) I had to climb a tree!
Jenny: :D So great to have lots of space:)
Alexandra: I already have followed you:P And thank you too:)

Anonymous said...

I love that first photo. So gorgeous. The angle is awesome! :) And yeah, apparently GFC is shutting down July 1st? Bummer!!