Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pet Peeves

(Happy May!)

So, yes. These things have been getting on my nerves lately. It takes quite a bit to annoy me, but here are my top five; ranked in no particular order.

Open Doors
This bugs me to no end when I walk in and see every single door open. Don't ask me why, there's just something inherently wrong with that. At least to me:)

Open Cupboards

The same thing as doors, but smaller!

It's getting warmer and warmer (it was 40 degrees yesterday!) so the ladybugs have hatched (?) or done whatever they do and now they're back inside. 
They are everywhere, literally, everywhere. Whether alive or dead, they stink. Very badly. Last year there were so many  we had to go around vacuuming the little buggers up. I fear the same may happen this year.

Tangled Earphones

I know they aren't that tangled, I wasn't willing to do that and have to untangle them:P I think another one is tangled Christmas lights! I just thought of that! Ha, yeah that's always a fun time of decorating:)

The last and most certainly my biggest pet peeve:
Oh internet. You bring out the best and the worst in us:)

Honorable mention: Deleting things by accident and having no way to get them back. Like, pictures. One-of-a-kind, extra rare, special time-lapse photos. Yes, this just happened to me:(  

So, do any of these things bother you as much as they do me? 
Seriously, I've been posting "grumpy" stuff on here lately, I should do a happy post next time! (Unless something bad happens, then I'll have to do another grumpy post. :P )


Irene said...

Great post :o)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, the tangled headphones get me. But the ladybugs look really cute! I guess they've just outworn their welcome.

Amelia said...

I'm totally with you on the last one. As an English major, it's the most ANNOYING THING EVER! :)

Charlotte | Charlotte's Web said...

Open cupboards are SO annoying, but I do quite like ladybugs.. x

Eli OKeefe said...

Well Charlotte, I like ladybugs (or should I say "Asian Beetles") but, after a while... I feel overrun:P Haha, to each his own:)

Morgan said...

lady bugs? That is interesting that you deal with lady bugs when the weather gets warmer!
haha so so so so so weird!!!

Jennifer Dougan said...


I agree. Open cupboards, and typos especially grab me.

Thanks for your comment on my post "Running in my Head Like a Memory." I agree. Memorizing scripture is one of my newer passions, and it so helpful to me.

Have a great week,
Jennifer Dougan

Olivia J. Photography said...

LOL I'm with you on the cuboards. ;D Also I'm not a fan of the ladybugs in the house... not fun. ;D

Storyteller said...

OH MY WORD!!! The "there, they're, their" thing bugs me to PIECES!! (like on facebook? UGH!) Where I live we don't really have ladybugs... but where I USED to live we did. And all I remember was that there was a lot. And... they stunk. =P So sorry about the ladybug problem there, Eli...

By the way, do you have a button? :) I was going to grab it...

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Ah, cupboard doors, YES! It just looks wrong to see them all open! =D
Huh; you've got ladybugs like we've got ants...we've got to vacuum 'em up everyonce and a while.
your annoyed at bahd grammar? i never would have guessed!1 =P Hehe, me too.
Time lapse! Oh dear! =( All that work down the electrical wires!!!
You likes the different edits? Thanks for the feedback! I think I'll start doing more of them; they do make things more interesting. =)
You read my mind!! Seriously, I was planning on doing some of those photos on my blog! =D I haven't gotten to it yet because our computer doesn't have WiFi. There's a pet peeve for ya! =P

See ya!

~Jennifer [as is my Real Name ;)]

P.s. Thanks for the compliment btw! <3

Annmarie Pipa said...

you would not be happy with all the open stuff in my house! the kids packing lunches requires every single cabinet be open...every single one..and then they leave them open!!!!!!!

Sophie said...

I HEAR YA SISTA. The cupboards, doors, and earphones, I strongly agree with. The only thing I disagree with really is the ladybug peeve... I love em:) I think they're adorable.