Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Whole Year of... Blogging!

Yes, that's right, I've been blogging for a fantastic year! (Give or take a few days:P)

See? There's only one candle in that (oh-so-yummy) rootbeer float :D  Which was for my birthday but it applies to my little blog as well.

Have some cake or cookies today on me! Weeelll, you can't, but if I could let you I would. It's the thought that counts right? 

I feel obliged to link to my first post, it only has one picture but it's my favorite one:) 

(I also use it to host buttons and drawings so I don't accidentally delete them from my computer.)


Christy Okeefe said...

Mmmmm! That cake looks good! It tasted good too! hehe;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday! And, you're killing me with that cake. It looks so good!!!

Agnes Rogowska said...

Late Happy Blog Birthday!:) The cake looks sooooo delicious!:)

Leaf Dance Photography said...

Haaaaaaappy 1st birthday to your blog! 8D
I'm really likin' these pictures, especially those green candles! And the little orange orbs of light that the flames fade into! Two of my favorite colors together in one picture AND on a cake! It just doesn' t get any better! And the snickerdoodle cookies you "offered" me were Splendiferous! That was vury thoughtful of you! ;)
I am also, if you hadn't noticed, trying to use all of the worlds exclaimation points!

Signing off! ~Jenny

P.s.lookin forward to that post with flowers!

bandofbrothers said...

i hope you had a very happy birthday!!