Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Day After Orko

Good afternoon to you all!
If you have been paying any attention to the news or weather you should know about "Nemo" and "Orko."
They are two huge winter storms (big enough to be named, obviously:)) and we here in Minnesota got to have Orko! We got at least two feet of snow (three ft in some drifts) and I have been having lots of fun with my bros and sis in it! Here are some photos from Monday night as it was still coming down.

You can't really tell how deep it is, but take my word for it: it's DEEP! Up to my knees, anyway, haha...
This is my favorite: snow had blown over the window and the lighting was awesome! You can also see the plants sticking through the snow and a bit of green in the corner from another bush.

Snow makes awesome bokeh!

When the flash is used it highlights the snowflakes in a pretty neat way:)

After we "dug out" a little, there were tons of these huge snow piles everywhere. 

Then the next morning we got up and had to do it all over again!

Alrighty then. I'll leave you with this huge pile of hard work and sweat! Seriously, I sweated after a while. Shoveling's harder than it looks! See ya later alligator!



Leaf Dance Photography said...

Squeal! You took pictures of all that snow! Yay! I've been hearing about it in the news and, well, to be honest, drooling over the numbers. =)
Your favorite is mine too, and I love the snow bokeh! I'm gonna try that next time it snows.
About your comment, I would have liked the freeze the snow, but alas, those were from last maaarch, and I hadn't done my homework about shutter speeds.


P.s. I like shoveling the snow, but gosh! Whew! I'd be sweatin' too! ;)

Layla and Josiah said...

Man. You got to go see snow! When we lived in Washington we got a lot but this year it only snowed for one second literally. Stinking California! Great pictures. You inspire I, Layla with your stunning photography. Bye!

Montanagirl said...

Now that's a lot of snow! Nice photos.

Sophie said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog today and the comment made me smile! (:

You're a crazy good photographer. I love it. That snow is also pretty crazy!

Rebecca said...

Wow, that IS deep. And I love the snow bokeh too.