Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Last...

My last post on this blog.  
Guys, thanks for following me.
Thank you for commenting and enjoying my photographs. 
Thanks for encouraging me and watching me grow in my photography skills. 
It's been awesome. Seriously.
I'm moving on. I'm starting ALL over.
I feel as though I need to do this.
Figure out what I really want from blogging.
So, I have started a new blog, with the same name, on WordPress.
It shall have all manner of photographs.
It also shall have writings and ponderings from my head and heart.
It will be more focused on developing my photography AND writing talent. So, slightly more organized than this blog. ;)
I hope to see you there.
Thanks everyone. 
Signing off,

Monday, May 26, 2014

Attention! Changes Ahead!

My friends, so much has shifted in my world.
I am officially a sophomore in college. [ What?? ]
Earlier this month, I had a birthday. [ I am so old;) ]
Later this summer, I will be the photographer on a missions trip to China! [ Photographer in CHINA?? ]
Well. I'm excited.
Also, I'm moving on. A new phase in life calls for a new...
On a new site.
My style of writing and photography will stay the same. Hopefully it will get better though;)
I moved to:
I think it's dazzling in a totally non-girly way. I like it. Maybe you will too! You should check it out (wink wink)!

If you'd like to come along with me, I'd love to keep you! ;)
New horizons and fresh sunlight. 
Well, I'll see you on the other side!

P.S. This doesn't have to be the end...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Negligent Photographer...

     My fellow photographers, writers, creators, and readers! It's been quite a long time. Much, much has happened and I won't bore you with the details. ;) 
"What's been happening?" 
Well, I'm in California for almost two semesters now, and I'm ashamed to say I haven't taken NEARLY as many pictures as I thought I would. Sad. I know.
     But, I'll have some of the ones I like! I had forgotten how much I enjoy photography! 
Silly me.
These are from last August, right after I stopped blogging and right before I went to college.
I went fishing with my dad and littlest bro:) Good memories and cool cattails!

 On the drive to the lake we saw so many hayfields, and I'm remembering how much I love the country. I miss it too. Being in California is interesting and cool, but there's something about the country...
I'm going back through my photos to catch y'all up on my photography and a little bit of my life too. :)
So these are all from my first semester of college! The mountains amaze and intrigue me; they are bare, yet some are green and alive with bushes and little trees. Others are reddish-brown and sandy. 
Here's California for ya;)

Joshua Trees! Originally from Israel, but now there are more in California than anywhere else.
Again, the mountains in the background. I just love them.
Below is a view from behind my dorm. I live on top of a hill and there's a slight rise behind the dorm and it's an excellent place to watch the sunset. Especially with my camera;)
 I think I like California, and the sun here. Hehe, and this photo.
Later on in September 2013...
 This is the inspiration for Pride Rock! You know, from Lion King?
 It's a place called Vasquez National Park. I went hiking there with a group from church. It was HOT. But totally worth it!
 Gives you some more depth... It was huge and steep.
From the top; note the teeny, tiny cars down there. 'Twas an awesome day!

Let's go to the more civilized side of Cali: Beverly Hills! Yeah, I know, what was I doing there? Haha, I was taking photos of my dear friend for her senior voice recital! Exciting, my first "official" portrait session;)
It was really good, and I got some good shots! A very cool setting;)

We took a school trip to the Getty for extra credit. The Getty is an awesome art museum. It's so full of history and beauty and evidence of man's intellect (and sinfulness) and realizing how many painters and sculptors were Christians was really enlightening. And it's on a hill overlooking Los Angeles. Soo, that was cool too;)
The details and creativity were amazing. I might say that a lot.
 And the museum itself was a work of art; its architecture and designs were captivating to me.
Also, the girl at the bottom of this picture in the white jacket may or may not be the most fantastic person I've ever met. Just a sidenote;)
I spent winter break with me familia! And snow...
This was also lovely. :P
Then, back to hotness. Please note the palm trees... I like the palm trees.
I also learned how to play the ukulele. YES. Life goal = Accomplished.

There. Don't you feel better now? I do! Got that photography bug out of my system by sharing it. Ha!
Anyway, I hope to do this more often, but no promises... 
So, see y'all around!

P.S. - It's good to be back;)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's All The Excitement About?

     K, so. I'm not being super consistent here, but I think by now you have learned to expect that from me:) 
My life lately has been anticipation and a giant build-up. Oh ho, so you ask what this anticipation is for? 
Dun, dun, DUN!
 So yeah. I've been organizing and packing and contacting people about job possibilities and getting excited watching videos from last year of the college...
 Also, quite a bit of praying and trusting God has been going on for me:)
 Which is fantastic, because I feel closer to Him than ever before! It's such a wonderful feeling; knowing that HE has everything worked out and planned for me.
It's super far away, can you guess where? 
Yeah, that's what I thought too: Holy guacamole! That's so far away! 
But truly, I believe this is what will be best for me. I won't have to borrow any money this year! Which is a HUGE praise! :D And I'm flying out there in a little more than a week with my parents. 
 Wow. Just to think, last year I was all excited that I got to visit, and now I'm almost there to stay!
(These photos are from when we flew out there last year to visit. There was so much to shoot! At the college I was so impressed by just... Everything! I can hardly wait!)
Happy Tuesday!